Private charter

Meghna aviation has the most luxurious brand new helicopters in her fleet to meet all types of demand from valuable clients. Private charter is designed according to the passenger numbers, flight duration, day or night time, IFR or VFR, single or multi engines. Flying with Meghna is most luxurious and comfortable as possible. Chartering for passengers flight includes following:

• Transportation of all types passengers including VIP/dignitaries

• Corporate flying

• Celebration flight for birthday, anniversary

• Day tour to any places specially resorts or special landmarks

• Scenic flight over Dhaka city, cox’s bazar, Sundarban or Kuakata etc

• Flight for aerial photography and filming(Prior Approval is required from CAAB)

• Carry coffins to anyplace to Bangladesh

• Transfer medical patient from Bangladesh to India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia in coordination with other agencies flying aeroplanes to abroad.