Exceptional Speed and Class Leading Performance

Meghna Aviation Limited, an enterprise of Meghna Group of industries, is a helicopter transport service and Air Ambulance service provider. Our Helicopters are highly versatile, allowing you to land or take off from remote areas or designated helipads; any location can be reached with ease. Helicopters are without a doubt the most versatile and adaptable of any aircraft in the world. The helicopters ability to fulfill multiple roles makes them the ultimate machine. With our highly trained ex-military pilots and engineers, the versatile performer with brand new multi engine Bell 429, Bell 407 GX, and Robinson (R 66) have the ability to undertake any aerial that our customer can demand. On coming April’2018will be join an another new Robinson (R 66) and it will make a total 04 Helicopter in our fleet. Meghna Aviation Limited provides meticulously maintained helicopter for a wide variety of tasks: With the inclusion of Bell 429 we will lead inducting with uncompromising safety and versatility. The machine will be equipped with state of the art interior including modern avionics to serve day and night VFR & IFR purpose

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